Rendering gives me the same resolution for any qualityI put!

Hi guys, I’m having a problem with the rendering. I know that when I put the quality to 1 I should be getting the highest resolution… but I get the same as when I put the quality to 9!
What could be my mistake? Im making a video to the .mp4 format with the target being: ffmpeg
Could it be that I shouldn’t be making it into mp4 format? Could it be anything else? Help please!!

Look at the options of the video. When you select ffmpeg you can open that section.

Maybe you are compressing with too much loss.

I recomend you that render your animation in PNG files and then, you build the AVI with ffmpeg, AVIdemux, etc. This way, you can do more testing and keep the original files with maximum quality.

Rendering to video has two steps. Synfig Studio, internally creates a pipeline of ppm images and send them to the external library that compiles the video. The quality is referred to the ppm image not the compression artifacts introduced by the parameters passed to the video library.

The best way is to use the method proposed by Fenix.