Rendering error.

I followed the beginner’s tutorial for creating BasicKnightRider.gif and I can save the project but when attempting to render it, I get this:

(synfigstudio.exe:1020): glibmm-ERROR **:
unhandled exception (type unknown) in signal handler

I’ve seen this in the forum a couple years back, and the answer was just that it would be fixed in a later version but I have the latest version for windows, and I tried both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions with the same results.

I can render it as .png but not as .gif, no matter what the target is, whether it be gif, magick++, or ffmpeg.

Someone please help! The other animation programs are no where near as good as this one and I want it to work.

What’s your windows version?

is that fix this issue ? (windows 32bit exe)

I use windows 8

I’ve encountered this problem. Unfortunately overrides don’t exist in Synfig.
Here’s the boneless solution.

vertical motion: Use a translation layer, convert to time loop. Use a parent translation layer that is unchecked, and export the value. Connect the value to your “link” in the time loop (converted) translate layer.

other time loops: All limbs are given their own time loop layer so that the body, and head, remains in a free flowing time stream.