Rendered icons vs custom size icons

I would like to raise the question relative to the quality of the Synfig Studio icons.
As you already know, the Synfig Studio icons are rendered at build-install time from the corresponding sif files.
Although it is great to have those icons in sif format to be rendered in any dimension, it is true that any application does that way. Icons for small size are redefined to look crisp at its intended size and they don’t use the same icon for all sizes.

I wonder if we should do that too for our icons or not.

As we discussed years ago in mailing list, I personally prefer to design icons with it target dimension, not a vector file for all sizes. And the current workflow of synfig studio icon design is a painful for a designer, because he has to guess the final result of a icon which will be scaled down in application UI. For example, tango icon spec uses a one pixel dark outline to distinguish icon shape, it’s a task killing designer’s brain cells when calculating what is the corresponding width should be in BIG size icon.

and it seems there is bug in gtkmm, png images scaled down by gtkmm will be blurred.

we can adopt tango’s vector icon workflow but using synfig studio instead of inkscape in my opinion. That means icon sif file should be set to final size used in UI.

Gnome designers have already proved a vector and single size icon to render out different sizes icons does work at all. To have a good icon in various sizes, you have to design each size icon separately