Render Tutorial?

Hello. I was wondering if there is a tutorial available that explains animation/movie file rendering in a step by step process using layman’s terms.
Being an artist and not used to coding, I’ve gotten a bit lost on how to render a movie file(.mov, .avi, etc…) that can be opened in movie making software and worked with further.

Hi Freakaru,
In fact there is not much mystery to obtain a movie from Synfig Studio.
First of all check this: … quality.3F
In the next release (end of April) there will be an easier way to produce a movie directly from Synfig Studio through ffmpeg.
Also if you don’t want to fight with the command line you can use Avidemux to import an image sequence and convert it to a movie in any format. It is pretty simple.

Thank you for that helpful program link.
I look forward to the next release! That update would really help speed up the process.