Render Synfig file with Magick++ under Ubuntu

Hello! As some probably know I’m working under Windows (Vista), but as the renders aren’t very nice, I’m thinking about using Wubi to run Ubuntu for things like Synfig. It’s right I can render with Magick++ under Ubuntu, right? If so, is it hard to do this?


an unknowing Synfig user :unamused:

I guess you’re trying to render to animated gif. If the target is other kind of animation file format the best way is use a image sequence and then composite with an external application. This is the way to obtain the best result.

I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 and gif renders looks fine without any artifact.

Thanks for the fast reply and for the information. It’s exactly what I wanted to know. :smiley:

Double post: is Linux the leading platform for Synfig?

It seems to be. At last it has been more stable under linux than other platforms in the past. Nowadays windows version is much more confident. Not the same comment for Mac :confused:


Although dooglus spent a lot of time improving Synfig under Windows and Linux, I believe that it’s easier to debug under Linux, hence a little more focus there?