render quality

I’ve rendered some 30 second animations. I used synfig to create the series of .png files, then used ffmpeg to build the final .flv movie file.

Any idea how I can make the animation less grainy, using a format I can publish on the web? The quality of the .png’s is fine, so the loss of quality is happening after that.

I once got synfig to render successfully directly to .yuv (where there is no degradation and the quality is extremely good), because my animation was small…
…and once for a longer animation, but I don’t know why… … bvAFNv7fFI
…but every other time my computer crashes when trying to render to .yuv

I always export to png sequence and mount the movie with avidemux. I use x264 with two passes and produces good output quality.
If you use ffmepg use -sameq as option. It would not compress the movie.
See here: … quality.3F


IGNORE THIS QUESTION! I JUST WORKED IT OUT! Basically, you “open” the first in the sequence, and avidemux loads (or at least works out) the rest!

Avidemux looks good. Many thanks.

Quick question: how do I import multiple png files? I can only see how to import them one at a time!

(Did you like the animated cartoons?) :slight_smile:

Hey, that appears to work really well! Thanks so much. Really easy to use too. A couple of clicks and it’s done!

I’ll try it with some more complex animations. :smiley: