Render isn't working

I can’t get it to render the video. It either comes out as one invalid png or a whole bunch that I can’t figure out how to string together. The wiki page isn’t helpful. What do I do?

What OS and which version of Synfig are you using? Also what are your render settings? What is you file extention (avi or mp(e)g) and what codec under ffmpeg parameters are you using? Also make sure that the codecs of your player are updated.

I’m having a similar issue. I purchased the video training course, and I’ve followed it exactly. When I export to a .avi file all I get is a black screen. I’m using Synfig 1.2.0 on Windows 10, changed the extension to .avi and kept the output at auto. Any suggestions?



please try with 1.3.3 (dev build).
Someone had a similar issue with 1.2.0 under Win 10 in french part of the forum (here) and it has been solved this way.

Good luck :slight_smile: