Render artifact

Can someone confirm if there is any render artifact in the attached file at frame 64f?
oscilate.sifz (1003 Bytes)

Yeah, it looks like the bottom few circles are drawn on non-transparent squares at certain points. I’m using windows build.

I don’t have artefact a 3s16f (last waypoint) … the shape is clean.

If i play f/f the sequence in the canvas it’s cutted by the center …
If i render preview, is’t quite clean but near the tail, a see somes render prob’s (look like bad collision test in 3D rendering…but it’s not, or i mess something in blen-fig)

other than, it’s a sympatic experiment’


Thanks you both for the report.

Djay, do you use windows or Linux to render the file?
To you both, do you have any render artifact on canvas window?

I’m using windows this time and it looks ugly :confused:

Ubuntu 10.4.4 / Synfig Dev Revision: 20130205

Run from term output:
When i open the file :
i: GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Object class gtkmm__CustomObject_N6studio15ValueBase_EntryE doesn’t implement property ‘editing-canceled’ from interface ‘GtkCellEditable’
synfig(25142) [13:01:56] error: KeyframeActionManager::refresh(): Not ready!
synfig(25142) [13:01:56] error: KeyframeActionManager::refresh(): Not ready!
synfig(25142) [13:01:57] info: closed

When i change time ,a lot of : synfig(25086) [12:58:45] warning: layer_pastecanvas.cpp:428 bounding box shrank while rendering?