Rename and Group Valuebase Nodes

I was looking through the forums and I didn’t find anything addressing a way to mass rename valuebase nodes. Not necessarily the entire valuebase name (although this would work too), but different sections of them (like a find and replace feature like in word processors). I have to rename a lot of valuebase nodes for my projects so if I could do this, that would be great. Also, was there any confirmation that you would be able to group valuebase nodes like Dave Hingley asked for in viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5060&p=22460&hilit=valuebase+nodes#p22460 ?

Well, both features you’re talking about aren’t implemented in Synfig.
So your best bet is to open a feature request on github:
Currently there’s a lot of bug fixing going on, so I don’t think your request will be in a high priority.

Although, there’s an alternative way to “mass rename valuebase nodes”.
If you aren’t afraid of experiments:

  1. Make a backup of your work.
  2. In Synfig, save your project as .sif (uncompressed format).
  3. Open it in XML editor.
  4. All of exported values will be In a ‘defs’ structure. After ‘defs’ will be ‘canvas’ and all the layers where those exported values are connected to.
  5. So from here you can try to use a standard ‘Find and replace’ feature.
  6. After replacing, save your file and try to open it in Synfig.

Awesome! Thank you for your help. You have saved me hours of work. I will request the features on github so others may be able to do so easily.