Removing Title Bars in Unbutu

Last time I updated Unbutu something interesting happened the title bars disappeared.So I opened Synfig to see if it happened there also . Yes it did and found out you could still move and resize the windows.

   Found out how to fix it. In compiz config  settings manager goto window decoration click on the icon opens the settings. In Decorations windows replace word "none" with "any".

So i next found out how to recreate  the effect for a specific program.

Did some Googleing and found this.

                      In Decorations windows  

replace the word "any" with " !(name=synfig)" To remove title bars.

and how do you move each window?, using a shortcut or the context menu from the right click on the task bar icon?

The second is correct you can right click on the windows name on the bottom panel see screen shot below. There move and resize options are available.

There is also a move window settings in Compiz. I have mine set to super+alt. You can then move the windows without grabbing the titlebar.