Removing multi vertices

i think its kind of stupid question.but i check the site and i coudnt get a answer. :unamused:
the problem is how can i delete more than one vertex each time? :blush:

There is not any code written to do that. It is a feature request that I don’t know why has not been asked before. I will try to look how to implement it. I’ve learned a lot about actions lately.

Also doing all sorts of actions on multiple vertices would be desirable, like split tangent etc.
It’s on my list of bugs/features to write but I never got so far as to actually writing the request…

Wow, you keep a list of things to add to a list. You are way more organized than I am. :smiley:


I need to, I got a thousand things I want to do but I never have the time to do it… Including bug reports.

dear rylleman please add “multi Waypoint sellection+delete” to that list :smiley: