Remove non realistic sentence

Tis text is a note on the getting started wiki doc. It should be rewritten to talk about the real situation (Cairo) or removed.
Is it ok?



should be removed already end of December in one of my not yet approved updates…

Hmmm, I’ve cleared my browser cache and still seeing it. The source of the doc doesn’t reflect it but it still rendered.

What’s up? (I’m not logged in)


This is confusing…
Imagine that a new wiki contributor want to improve a wiki page (the base one) and it normally register, log in, and edit a page, then the actual source of the page doesn’t reflect what it is watching on the screen.
Then he notice that the page rendered isn’t actually the latest version but the pending to approve version. Ok, so he edit the page and adds one entry on the revision pending list.

Revision versions in the wiki is great to keep consistency in the terminology all around the wiki specially now that there is a renaming sprint.
But, why a change that is not related to renaming sprint, should wait to be approved until it finish? Is is possible to “cheery pick” one change without approve its previous changes? I think it shouldn’t be possible because changes can lead to no consistent meaning if they don’t respect the right order (overlapping of changes).

So, I think that meanwhile the wiki renaming is not complete, we shouldn’t allow wiki edition to anyone that is not involved with the renaming or it might be possible that some changes have to be done twice due to some extra wiki writer edits the wiki affecting a renaming task.

Also, we should need to distinguish between when the wiki is edited simply due to better formulation of a sentence (that doesn’t involve any Synfig Studio release revision) and when the wiki is being edited (updated) to reflect the changes in the new version.

There are many wiki pages that are just a stub and they should be approved when improved, regardless if there is a release version ahead or not.

Excuse me for this ranting but something doesn’t work well here. I think that it is important to make things as simple as possible, specially for those users that want to join to help.

One question, the version system is enabled for translated pages too?

I mentioned this problem here already.
Konstantin was accepting this as an error finally, after he experienced the same problem later on.

I’ll add this to the bug tracker, okay?

Cheers, Oho

… and, yes, this is active for translated pages as well.

Yes I’ve already realized that. :mrgreen:
Thanks for adding it to the tracker!

Only workaround is currently to …

  • “edit”
  • “show preview”
  • “cancel”

instead of the offered function “view the most recent revision”.

It is safe to approve any revision that made BEFORE the renaming changes. For example it’s safe to approve revision 13:53, 28 December 2012‎

I’ll check/proofread & approve all changes (except the renaming ones) for the English wiki until mid next week.
As for the /fr and /es changes s.o. else should do that.

I agree with this, but in the same time could be very confusing for the approving methodology…

Maybe a banner relating the temporary situation of the renaming sprint should be added around the wiki/doc register page ?


Another thing that has changed is the need to pass a captcha for those external links that are inserted in the page. Since there is an approval system, the captcha doesn’t seem to be used.

So, for all people that have rights to approve pages, please checkout carefully those changes that are not made by yourself of by trusted users. Links can be hidden within a legal wiki modification if you don’t watch the difference page carefully.


For your convenience: At the moment there are only 2 pages affected by “renaming sprint” - and