Remove layer from group

I need to remove a layer (folder) from a group (another folder). Any searches bring up entries dated 2019 or earlier that refer to a “remove from group” button that does not exist.
I am assuming this is different that “remove from set” as I have not learned to work those yet.
Forum search did not bring up anything in “Similiar to…”

Any help is always appreciated.

I assume you want to “remove” it but not delete it, and so, move it out of the group. If that is what you want then my answer is that you can do it by dragging the layer out of the group and place it wherever you want using the “Layers” panel… unless you are using macOS in which this feature doesn’t work. The workaround is to cut the layer, select any other layer of the “level” you want to place the just cutted layer and only then paste it.


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