release progress / future of synfig

Hi there,

I am at the start of developing a graphical 2D advenure game with an adult storyline but the graphics style is an “adult comic style”.

At the moment I am evaluating tools for 2D animations and espacially for the cartoon movie like cut scenes.

My goal is to use only free or very cheap tools for the complete creation.

I found synfig as an open source alternative for doing the 2d animations. At the first look, it seems very promising. I am a complete rookie with that tool at the moment.
To make my decission for synfig it is very important for my, that the tool is still under developement and improving (e.g. bone support, stability, multiply scene support etc.).

So here are my questions:
Are there new versions and features under development? Were can I inform myself about the current development and upcoming features and the realese plan?

Thanx in advance. I really would like to use synfig.

Hello Tosek, welcome to Synfig!

It is very much still in development and has a strong and quite active (but perhaps a bit small) user base.
As an example the bone feature development has just been taken up again, we have a new icon set for next release etc.

Synfig is moving forward and getting more attention every day with new interested people as yourself joining all the time.
So I’d say you can definitely use Synfig for your project, I can’t see it moving towards an end anytime soon.

It’s also the most mature open source 2D-animation software around.

As for keeping yourself updated visiting these forums once in a while should be enough. There’s also the IRC-channel #synfig at where much of the development is discussed and you can get yourself some word on what’s cooking.


Stay tunned!. In a few days (maybe hours) I’ll start the new release cycle announce with candiate releases, call for translators, etc.

wow, Synfig is already incredible, how it can be even better?