Release of Advanced Outline for Draw Tool?

Hello all.
Probably this is not the right thread, but it did not seem to me like a great idea to create a topic just to ask this info:
is there a planned date for the release of Advanced Outline for Draw Tool?
I’ve read here and there that’s almost completed, but I could not find anywhere a planned date.
I’ve actually also seen a preview on YoutTube, but then I’m eager to get that feature!

Or is there a development build I can get for Windows?

Thanks for your attention. BTW … this is really a great piece of Open Source!

Hi GiUmaTo,
Probably this weekend the RC1 will be out. It is possible that have to wait for the Windows version (if there is a RC for Windows) a little more, depending on our windows maintainer.
The plan is release 0.63.03 in two weeks more or less.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Wish you a quiet release time! :slight_smile: