Recycling/using a sequence with mods.

I have my sequence. I am trying to illustrate a complicated distributed database architecture, we’ve got little “infotrons” bouncing about making stuff happen, all good, well done everyone.
I want to just cut and paste the whole sequence and tweak, I tried importing myself, fortunately I’d just saved.
I know there’s a cycle thing but I need these to be subtly different, (essentially we all now have to submit a tick, the red tick now has to end up everywhere, and then all the other nodes have to tick too, so that first cycle has to be repeated 5 times).

I’ve included my project fyi.
cog.sifz (277 KB)

humf, it seems you just cant do this :frowning:.
this cant be true, we have to be able to at least concatenate stuff.
All I want to do is repeat and I dont mind going through and turning bits on, or off, for the new run. Mucking about making a new point to copy to and then scrolling back up to the star and clicking duplicate on the, oh I forgot which one now, got as far as 3 frames.
I appreciate there are patterns for organisation that I am just fumbling my way into, but “play it again sam” is a pretty fundamental one.

I successfully imported into another project (you cant import on yourself, it goes bang). But it comes in as one keyframe, so I cant edit.
I have the XML open. Thats not going to work, I’m going to end up writing some splicing utility.
I’m going to have to repeat this manually ;(


reusing animation is not so user friendly … take a look to Synfig Stage, never used it, but could be a source for inspiration. … there is also that method on the wiki .