"Reach the Moon" animation contest

Thank you all participants!
The contest is now closed and over.

Your submissions was all very interesting!
We will be soon name a winner (soon as in the next couple of days).

Again, thank you!

Great entry mad0! Lovely character!

The jury is now having an exciting discussion on your animations. You’re all very close so any of you can be a winner at this point.
We would like to see your source files to better scrutinize. Can you post them here?, or if you don’t like to share them publicly, mail them to me at rylleman[at]gmail[dot]com.


Mado’s isn’t viewable to me.

Follow the link and then download it from Google Docs using the File -> Download option (the menu in the browser window beneath the flyme.flv filename).

Très joli, mad0

here are the files.
Thank you DaveJ and genete, and good work, carbonphobia and mospina :smiley:
michael, maybe you can’t see the video because it’s a flv file ? I uploaded here an ogg format: http://skias.free.fr/images/flyme.ogg
Thank you Rylleman for the contest, I should have started earlier, I would have had the time to finish the animation! :wink:
sources.zip (852 KB)

source files…
The new advanced outlines work great for speed lines (with randomized stripes)
Synfig Animation 2.sifz (23.4 KB)
camera-1024x576-30fps.sifz (101 KB)

With the jurys motivation:

we say congratulations to [size=150]mad0[/size]!

Congratulations also to carbonphobia and mospina, your entries was also very good!
Here is the jurys words on your animations:

mad0, can you mail me your postal address for your copy of The animators survival kit? If you already have this let me know and we’ll figure something else out. (mail to rylleman[at]gmail.com)

Congratulations mad0!

Well done Mado

Congratulations mad0! I liked the smoothness of your animation a lot :slight_smile:
Very well done everyone, all the animations were really nice.

Congratulations mad0! Cool animation! I knew you were going to win!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thank you! I am very happy!
And your comments are very encouraging for me :smiley: I’ll try to remake the end better !
I do not have the book, and I think it will be very useful for me
rylleman, I’ll send you my postal address.
thank you again you all organizers, participants, and the Synfig’s team:D

Once the contest has finished I want to share all the material I was using when I was working on my unfinished version of the Reach the Moon animation.
Here are the files:
docs.google.com/open?id=0Bx8g_H … RkxpZFRfQQ

The short plot of the story is:
One mad scientific wants to reach the moon and invents a machine with a huge magnet that will attract the moon to the earth. And effectively he did!
Here are some images.
You can open the sif files to play with it and use them freely.
on machine.png

Genete - now that’s ‘Reaching for the Moon’!!!

Great idea genete! :slight_smile: