Re-animating the extinct Huia (cutout animation)

I made this short loop for the international Remembrance Day for Lost Species a couple of days ago.

Read the full story of the bird, this image, and see it synched with its strange ‘call’ on my website.

I don’t know if Synfig was necessarily the best tool for this job, this is not really what it’s built for. if I were to do it again I would probably take the time to learn Blender (see for example Nikolai Mamashev’s Pepper & Carrot adaptation)

This one is a bit weird but cool, I like it. The deformation of raster textures look pretty decent. Did you use bones for this or something like ‘Curve Warp’ layer?

Nice work. Don’t know if Blender would be better. Apart for maybe some speed gain, native sound export and the fact that flat objects are represented in a 3d space which is better when using some effects, but give me 5000 dollar and I will make a Pepper and Carrot motion comic in Synfig and make a tutorial about it. :smiley:

No, I didn’t use a warp effect because I found that the quality of the warp was quite blurred and pixelated, and performance was far to slow to do anything. The image is reasonably high-res (2646x3518px) and with dozens of layers the performance really suffered. So all of the sections were just extended using a clone brush in Krita, so there was spare texture at each place different parts overlap.

From what I’ve seen, Blender appears to perform much better with warping images, and being able to stretch some of these textures over 3D (or ‘2.5D’) surface to give a little flexibility and better perspective would have been really beneficial as well.