Randomly scattered duplicates?

Hello to all fans of Synfig.
I want to multiply and scatter one object randomly on a canvas. whether it is possible to make it with Duplicat Layer (New Layer-Other-Duplicate)?
or to copy and paste several times?

I am sorry for bad English, transfer through Google.

You can do it with Duplicate layer and with some tweaks in the duplicated stuff.
First try to place the stuff at a random place. Then convert the random seed to a sum of two values and link one fo them to the duplicate index of the Duplicate layer. Each time that the duplicate layer ask the context to render it would provide a new index which would be added to the random seed that would place the stuff in other place.

You can combine rotations, scale and translations all together.

Genete, Thanks for the help. here that at me it turned out. it is interesting.

question in other how it is possible fast way to multiply object, not to animate? if to copy and insert to 100 objects manually, it very long…

Yes, it is possible. You need to stop the animation by this way:
Encapsulate all the stuff in a Paste Canvas Layer. This layer would offer you the Time Offset parameter.
Now convert that parameter to Linear
Time Offset = Offset + Rate*Time
Then make Rate = -1. This means that “each second it is one second minus” so the time is stopped.
Modify Offset to the time where the random shapes are at your taste.


This is a very interesting thread - I know just what I’ll do with this! Thanks!

Hi. many times did according to the help Genete,

but didn’t give result. Probably I badly understood. (I use Synfig of only 2 weeks)

I want to explain that I want: 1 layer to multiply 100 times and to insert on a canvas random, manually it very long: in LayerDialog the button to Duplicate and TransformTool.
whether there is a simple and fast way?

PS: why there is no picture? :open_mouth:

You need to encapsulate every thing inside the paste canvas late… It seems that the circles are outside

I am sorry, I feel not dexterously, but really it is impossible to me result. :frowning:

-1s or -1f?
can be will help the picture?

I’m sorry Rate is a value that means the amount of time of change per second. So when I write 1 (-1) I want to mean 1 s (-1s)