rain...How can I do it?

Hello all,

I have had a look at some tutorials , and previous posts…but it’s not what i really want to do. I would like rain to start at a certain point of my animation…but when I draw the raindrop…it is there at the beginning of the animation rather than the middle of it…

Any tips on how to make something appear suddenly in the middle of an animation.

Your help will be much appreciated


I’d animate the Amount (always appears at the top of the Params panel for each layer) of what I want to appear suddenly using Constant interpolation (the red stop signs).

Constant interpolation is used for sudden changes as it can make parameter can move suddenly from one value to another with no tweening.

So, for instance, if I had my rain in an encapsulated layer, I’d animate the Amount of that -

  • make the Amount of my rain encapsulated layer 0.0
  • place a keyframe where I want my rain to start
  • jump to the keyframe, turn on animation mode and make the Amount parameter 1.0

It’s probably one of the most common things I need to do when I’m animating using Synfig Studio.

Thanks Dave J , I grasped it and it works. Things are getting easier and easier thanks to the help I kindly get from this forum.


I know that for most of you, it’s a basic thing to know but it’s only 2 weeks since i started using synfig…and animation is a totally new world for me. My apologies for all of you who think that my questions are not worth asking. :blush:

I’m glad it worked. Don’t worry about asking questions, I’d been doing animation in Flash for ten years or so when I came across Synfig but I still struggled to do even simple things to start with!

The good news is that you pick it up very quickly!

How kind of you to say such things! :slight_smile: I can’t thank you enough for your help :slight_smile: