Radial Composite

I was experimenting with ways to make the rotate layer only effect certain ducks and came up with this using a radial composite conversion on the bline vertex. The problem is i can’t figure out how to move the exported radius layer somewhere besides the canvases 0,0 coordinates like you can a regular rotate layer. Does anyone know a conversion to fix this? This is an awesome program and I’m trying to figure out as much as i can lately so you guys are a huge help in getting me through blocks so thanks a again!
radial 2.3.sifz (1.35 KB)

You have to first convert the vertex to Sum and then one of the sum items convert it to Radial Composite. It would produce a rotation and then a translation (like the rotate layer does). Link the subparameters properly to external controllers.

Hmm I’m only able to move the vertex of the bline but i need to change the origin of the rotate radius ):
radial 2.4.sifz (1.38 KB)

Try this one. I’ve added a Translate layer and reset the rotation origin ro be (0,0) because the translation has to be leaded by the translate layer.
radial 3.0.sifz (1.37 KB)

Thank you that will be useful =)