Quick Question

Hi guys

I’m interested in using Synfig for an “animation” project that I am planning. It’s not an actual frame-by-frame animation, more like a slideshow synced up to an audio track. It’s a Game Grumps Animated, to be specific.

Anyway, I’d like to know if I can do all of my artwork outside of Synfig and import it in and sync it up to the audio. Can I just paste it all in? How about time duration? Can I make a single frame last a few seconds, or would I just have to keep the same image on a few frames?

Thanks for the help.

I think that you can do in Synfig Studio all you mention in your post. Other thing is how much time would you need to make it efficiently.
I recommend to create one example with a single image and make your slide show effect with a short sound track. Then you can face all the problems and learning issues with a example and not real fire.
Later, once you have the know how, proceed to plan the whole animation preparing the resources and the procedure to do it efficiently.