Questions about Quality, LowRes Display, De/Increase LR

For artwork content of a canvas, there are 10 levels(1~10) of display quality. The lower the better, level 1 is better than level 2, for example. in another word, level 1 is faster than level 2. Each quality level has a low resolution on/off switcher, and there are 16 levels of low resolution, the level 16 is actually low resolution off.

Is this correct?

How do you use this function in your Synfig time?

That is not so intuitional from my point of view, do you have any idea to simplify this function? Or it is good enough already?

I think it’s very confusing to have two settings that seems to do the same. (From a user point of view, you decrease either and see a degradation of quality in canvas)
Merging the two into one system would be more user friendly.

level 1 is slower than level 2, actually.


quick idea, we can have 3~5 buttons exposed in toolbar and each button mapping to one fixed display resolution, but that fixed value can be changed via preferences if user prefer to.