Questions about Frame by Frame

Okay, so after a pretty long consideration i decided to make a really big change for my animation plan.

I’m going to do it in old way (the frame by frame). I decided to do so because i really like the crispiness of the animations that were made with that style (got the anime feel!! :mrgreen: ). Also it gives me more freedom in drawing styles. It might take longer than vector animation but i liked the frame by frame style more (and vector rendering really costs a lot of time as well, even with version 1.0.2 :confused: ).

Yet i’m still waiting for my animator table. It is quite hard to find people that actually know and can craft it so i asked my 3D animation mentor (who also focused on 2D animation and have that kind of table as well) to help me out.

But for now, here’s the plan :

  1. Sketching the frames (on table)

  2. Drawing/Outlining the frames (on table)

  3. Digital coloring and/or outlining (i choose Krita for this) and save the images as .png
    For the BG, i gotta draw it in bigger resolution if it needs to move (like slow panning) and save it as .jpg(?)

  4. Import each frame to Synfig Studio
    But i don’t know how should i do it though… :confused:

Should I just put each frame manually by importing one image at a time, move to the next keyframe, add another one, set each alpha, put them all in constant interpolation, and repeat?
I do like that though. It gives me more freedom in frame placement :smiley: .

Is there any easier way to do this ? Will switch layer helps a lot for this ?
Also how do i put effects in frame by frame animation (like fade in/out for example) ?

I haven’t experimenting this yet so it’s all pretty much a blind guess. :blush:

looking at your workflow, you dont need synfig. simply export your sequence of images as numbered .pngs images. then composite it together in video editor like kdenlive. you can create a slideshow clip where each frame is a new image. and then import the images en mass into the clip, drop ontop of a back ground that you can move within kdenlive.

if memory serves there was an animation module for krita aloowing you to output layers as a video file. might want to look for that

I do have a thought of using a video editor. But i might gonna use shotcut instead since kde is not available for windows (my os is Windows 10)

But by using synfig studio, i can actually put the frames with certain FPS properly. And as far as i tried i haven’t find the way to change the time track timing number to frames instead of seconds and minutes in shotcut.

As for krita they do have the plan to put animation feature in it, but it is still in development right now. They said they’re polishing the UI right now.

GOSH, I FORGOT !!! :open_mouth:

Blender Has One Too !!! :blush:

Gotta check 'em out later as well ! :arrow_right: :exclamation: