Questions about exported canvases

I am making a cut out character with a series of face states. to do this,
I have drawn the characters parts in inkscape, imported the shapes into synfig and centered all the components before encapsulating them. I then export the into the library and then call them from a paste canvas

this works perfectly as long as the paste canvas isn’t encapsulated. which means it doesnt end up as part of the rig heirachy. Am I doing something wrong?


Can you be more specific when formulate the problem? I don’t get when it fails.

hi genete,
sorry for the delay. here’s an attached file. if you looks at the file in synfig. in the layers the top most layer is the head layer. you can changed the state from the params window however it isn’t part of the queens hierarchy. as soon as you either put it inside the hierarchy or encapsulate the layer you can no longer change the state of the head.

what i would like is for this head layer to be part of the queens hierarchy so moving the main root moves the head as well.
queen.sifz (119 KB)

This way?

queenb.sifz (124 KB)

PD: nice draw… :slight_smile:

thanks fenix,

its good but its not right. with the queens head not in the hierarchy, I can change the state from the drop down menu in the params panel but once its in the hierarchy those options disapear. have alook at the original file again, with the head outside of the hierarchy, just selecting the paste layer and changing the canvas from params changes the queens face. as soon as it placed in the hierarchy i can no longer switch faces.

OK, I understand you now. :slight_smile:

I’ve never work with multiples canvas, so I don’t know if you are in the right way or not. I work better in terms of layers (I’d put that cut animation in layers and work with alpha showing or hidding layers).

But, if you want to work in that way, maybe this help you. If you want to move the two objects (or more) at same time you can connect the green dots.

Here is an example with your Queen. In that form you can use multiple canvas for the face, and you can move together… the problem is that you can not encapsulate them, as you’d seen.
queenb.sifz (119 KB)

thanks fenix! thats exactly what I am looking for!

How did you do this?

Select the two groups of ojects. Then, select the green dot of one and (with ctrl key down) click on the other green dot.

You’ll se that two green dots are check. Click with right mouse button in one dot and, in the popup select: link (or something that… I’ve spanish language. :slight_smile:)

The problem with that is that one of the objects will move to the position of the other object. So, as you can’t use the green dot to move to the original position you’ll must select all the vertex (orange dots) and move all to the correct position.

I don’t know if there is a better way to do that. Knows anyone a way to link two translate dot without moving the objects?