Question about the render of a gif-animation


I’ve started to go through the tutorials on the Synfig site and started at the very beginning (yes, that’s the stuff that’s totally logical and can be done without knowing how a computer works :laughing: ) and so I’ve made the ‘moving red circle’. The render looks like this:

Referring to the moon-shaped things when the circle moves to the right side: how come they are there and can anything be done about it? Because I wouldn’t like it if every animation I’m going to make is going to have similar things.



Read this thread.
I’ve not tested it properly because I cannot install the magick++ libraries due to that my system is too out of date.
I think It would solve your problem.

Thank you, Genete! I guess you’re right in that using that other renderer would solve the problem. The problem is that I’ve tried doing some things like that before (trying to compile C-code with the use of the Windows ‘Command Prompt’), but it never worked. I guess I’m doomed with this one… I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get anything working in this way. Probably, I just don’t use the command lines in a proper way.

Well, thanks again!

(PS: would it be too much to ask you how I can get this working?)

Not sure understand your question. If following the command line from the thread I gave you doesn’t work the problem is that you don’t have installed the proper magick++ libraries. Try to install them by

$ sudo apt-get install libmagick++9-dev

I have them but an old version that doesn’t support that optimization.

genete - I think devilly is a windows user. imagemagick++ support isn’t compiled into the windows builds.

sudo definitely doesn’t work under windows!


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yes, I am. :smiley: (That could as well be a :frowning:.) Well, for now I’ll have to do with what I have.


If your computer has plenty of disc space, one option would be to install Ubuntu alongside your Windows so that you have a dual boot set-up. That way, you could boot into Ubuntu when you wanted to use Synfig (and other things like, maybe, Cinelerra).

Just a thought.

If you’re interested, the Ubuntu site and/or the Ubuntu forum have directions on how to set up a dual boot system.


Devilly, I just got OpenEXR 1.6 compiled under Windows. Compiling in imagemagick++ support is next on the list.

Wish me luck!

@ Matt: I’ll take a look at it, but I don’t think I’ll do anything with it. As I know myself I could easily make my whole laptop useless in one way or another. Still I want to thank you for the advice!

@ pixelgeek: I wish you luck! Oh yeah, I also want to thank you that you are doing this kind of stuff for Synfig.