Question about Rotation

Is it possible to connect two gearwheels so that moving one, the second moves too?
(¿se pueden enlazar dos ruedas dentadas de forma que moviendo una se mueva la otra?)


Let me a bit of time and I’ll explain how to do it in a few steps!

Research the file and ask here if you don’t understand how I did it.
Drawing a real gear is other story. :wink:
linked_gears.sifz (883 Bytes)

I have done this:

Which is the best way to do the gearwheels?
a) Drawing rectangles over the star
b) Drawing rectangles over a circle
c) Other way

Tanks. :smiley:

i think that the easiest way is to create it in Inkscape (Efectos>Renderizar>Rueda Dentada) and import it into Synfig. Remember to save it as Plain SVG before import to Synfig.

gear.sifz (4.85 KB)