quality of rendering??

hello again ^_^,

i draw an image on synfig ; what parameter i put in render menu to have the high resolution as a result?
In other way what i can put in :Setting -->Quality and Anti-Aliasing ???
in the canves i can set resolution to be hight and i had a high resolution and quality as a result but when i render my image i obtain not the same quality and resolution of image??
please help :frowning:

Hi amir2007am!

Don’t worry about asking questions - I am very glad you are still using Synfig Studio!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your problem?

If you could tell us what settings you have in the Render dialog box that are causing you a problem would help us solve your problem a lot.

when i put a resolution value as 1 i had a good quality of image .
when i zoom the canvas “the picture” i had always a good quality of image -->i don’t have little square of color when i do zooming

the problem when i want to have the same result when i render my image : i don’t have the same resolution and quality
i tried to modify some options and values in the render menu but i always obtain the same result–>when i do a little zooming in the image obtainet after rendrering :littes squares appears.
this is my render menu:

NOTE: i shoose the format jpeg when i render the image

please help :confused:

Hi amir2007am,
When you are using Synfig Studio and you zoom in, the picture is still sharp because the data you’re handling is still in vector mode. That is, Synfig does what is needed to render the scene with the vector values at the desired zoom.

Synfig renders to raster image (png, jpeg, bmp) what always will give you those “little squares” due to the nature of the raster images (they are like photos)

Unfortunately Synfig doesn’t export the animation in a vector format (like animated SVG or Showckwave Flash) Those types of animation are vector and when you zoom in you still seeing a sharp shape.

The output from Synfig is to reproduce as it is, not to zoom in. The default values from the render dialogue are enough for most of the users.

Just keep the aspect ratio of your project the same than the desired result and only render at high resolution (HD) at final stage. That would save a lot of time during animation creation.


thanks Genete and DaveJ for yours help
i will do as you say my freinds :smiley: