Q about the star.sifz example

In going through the examples folder, there’s one called “star.sifz” in which a circle morphs into a star. In looking at the sif I discover that some of the vertices for the first two waypoints are “off”, which results in the outline/region having the shape of a circle.

How do you access this through Studio’s GUI? I examined all the waypoint menus I could find but couldn’t discover how you selectively turn off vertices on a per-waypoint basis.


Select the vertex you want to enable/disable in the parameter panel when the bline layer is active. And right-click to get the popup menu. The menu entries ‘Set activepoint as “on”|“off”’ should appear. The waypoints appear wherever the timeline cursor is.


hi wlaut,
you have made us to look that sifz file and we have discovered that recent changes has broken the render of this kind of animations. Maybe you didn’t notice because you have an older version. Did you noticed something weird in the animation?

Hi Genete,

Do we know which (older) releases of synfig still render it okay?
Or from which release on it is broken?


Gerco, it is just fixed (dooglus is quite active now). It was broken in svn r1150. But now is fixed with latest commit. :slight_smile:


Yes, I noticed it. The fix also addressed my problem with the flower tutorial,
I mentioned earlier. Much rejoicing all around!!! :laughing:


Yes, I did notice it. As the circle morphs into the star some of the tips at the vertices “twist” as though the tangents were reversed.

Glad I could help by inadvertently bringing this “bug” to your attention as well. :slight_smile:

When I tried to duplicate the effect in Studio by incrementally stepping through the Timetrack in-between waypoints, I did not notice it occuring.