Python scripts ideas.

I thought that is a good idea to share our thoughts about the python scripts that we can create. This way we will not end up creating the same scripts and we will be able to share ideas about the way we can implement them.
But first of all we need a separated forum category for the python scripts.

Those things are that I think are possible and useful.
StickFig : a way to create stick(bone) hierarchy like stickman from the lines in a Group layer.
I have started to work on that.

lipsync : We can create a way to add the files from the papagayo to synfig but with waypoints.
How I think it can be done: We have a group layer that we keep the object that we wand lipsync. This object have identical order of waypoint with the papagayo ‘marks’. Then it builds a new group layer identical to the old one with waypoints from papagayo.

SVG: Oh yes. We can have an importer. But we need someone that knows SVG very well.

Tupi2D: Tupi2D is for frame by frame drawing and animating. Tupi2d have an SVG exporter but it also have a very easy file type that we can import in synfig. It is possible to create a new Group layer that will hold all the drawings and animations from tupi. Do you think this can eliminate the need for frame by frame in synfig?

I am working on the stick bone thing stickfig.



Just a rappel about svg and synfig, nikitakit have done a great job on it. result as python inkscape script git (who will be included with inkscape 0.49)




Seems useful, but I would like a solid sound layer including some scrub facilities first.

I think the current SVG importer works good enough. I agree with d.j.a.y on that. As I use Synfig also as my main vector drawing app, I would rather like SVG export, wether or not with limited animation support.

I don’t miss frame to frame animation in Synfig, but that is my personal opinion.
Just my two cents,

Granted during this morning. Anyone wants to be moderator? Or isn’t needed?

And we probably should have a wiki section for plugins where (finished) scripts can be listed, their functionality be explained as well as the files being hosted in the wikis file repo.

Also, perhaps the plugins-folder should be moved to ~/.synfig/plugins instead of the install folder for easier access by users?

I think that’s how it works now. The custom user defined plugins are looked up there.
Maybe Zelgadis can correct me if I’m wrong.

Indeed you’re right.
Creating a plugins folder in .synfig does work. I found the plugins folder in /opt/synfig/share/synfig/plugins and assumed that was the only plugins folder available.

Perhaps ~/.synfig/plugins should be created at install then?

I think that Synfig Studio could help the user to install its own scripts and then it could create that folder in case that a administrator password were not provided. That behavior is not coded yet and so, the user should use the current installed ones or the ones that are placed manually on that folder.

BTW, scripting forums is available:


That’s great Genete! Is it possible to move the StickFig thread there?