Python script location OSX

I can’t find where the python scripts are located for the plugins in Synfig. Using OS X.
Any help?

[i]Plugin is a directory, containing the python script (*.py file), plugin.xml and maybe some other files if they are required by python script.

To install the plugin user should copy its directory into USER_DIRECTORY/SYNFIG_CONFIGURATION_DIR/plugins. For Linux case this is equivalent to “~/.synfig/plugins”.

The system-wide location for the plugins is USER_DIRECTORY/SYNFIG_CONFIGURATION_DIR/plugins [/i]

Anything similar from osx ???

If it can be any help, in the case of windows 7 it is: synfig/share/synfig/plugins.




and its content is:

iMac:Synfig carlos$ ls
accelrc recentfiles_window_size settings-1.0
language settings tmp
recentfiles settings-0.65

NO PLUGINS dir there. I can create one plugin dir but where are the two plugins for Add skeleton (simple) and Unhide all layers?

something like : /opt/synfig/share/synfig/plugins/ ???

else i suggest you i little

$:find / -name "add-skeleton-simple" 2> /dev/null