Puzzlenoise introduces himself

Hey there!

The name’s Daryl. I joined this forum, because I maybe will need help and would love to be in a community to hear about the expierience of others with 2D-Animation.

I’m new to animation, so the first “projects” I want to start are going to be pretty basic. The first one is going to be one, where I will shoot a 2D-fireball (a hadouken) in Retrovideogamestyle at a friend of mine.
The next one shall be an Splash-outro for videos I’m planning to do with friends - comedyclips, with a bit inspiration of Smosh, Collegehumour and Mega64. I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t use Synfig for those tasks, especially because I’m using Linux Ubuntu. The only thing that maybe would get annoying is the rendering time, as I heard it takes really long… and I do most of my videos in 1920*1080.

Now a bit more of my story.
I’m a 18-yearold guy who lives in Europe, Switzerland. My hobbies are internet, my rockband (there are no records yet, we’ve just started), videogames, filming (also just started) and a bit photography. I also like cartoons and anime.

I hope we will all get along well :slight_smile:

Regards, Puzzle

Welcome puzzlenoise. Looking forward to seeing your animations!