Puppet morph rigging with curve warp

Little while ago I was checking out all the programs using Puppet warp as an animation tool. The words curve warp kept popping up in my mind.Shortly I had convinced myself curve warp could be used in a puppet morph rig :exclamation: :question: :bulb: So grabbing a hand full of curve warp I had at it.

 Here is what I found. Turn off all the ducks except for origin, vertex and tangent. Grey out Width,starting point and end point in params. Wont be needing them for now but could be used for squash  and stretch effects.What we have left is a Bline. place cursor on a vertex and RMB add item (smart). place vertex duck where you want bend to be.

To rig your arm,leg ect. Turn off the visibility on the curve warp layer  this deactivates the effect.select all vertex ducks and move them so the origin duck is at one end. The origin being on the end comes in handy when it comes time to bind arm to body. select origin duck and place in your arms center.Adjust placement of vertex ducks.turn visibility of curve warp layer on to activate. add a rotate layer. To rig leg or body add rotate before and line up your curve warp.

Binding can be done by linking origins of layer to a vertex . Example select origins of both arms and top vertex of body curve warp and link.

Here are some files to play with

arm curvewarp.sifz (2.97 KB)

leg .sifz (3.34 KB)]

Hope this is helpful

BODY1c.sifz (12.6 KB)

Great combination of Curve warp and rotations!

Very, very interesting!
I have to play with this!