Proprietary bastards surrounded student

I’m Fernando, and I’m from Brazil.
I’m pursuing a bachelor degree in Digital Animation Design, but every software they teach us is proprietary, so I’m turning to Synfig as I didn’t get used to Adobe Flash. I wanna prove those idiots there are wrong when they say opensource is crap and useless, and that I should stick to Adobe and Autodesk products, even if I have to download an ilegal copy to make it. I’m sick of that. Please guys, help me get around with Synfig so I can prove them wrong!


Welcome to the forum Fernando.

Welcome to the forums Fernando.

We’ll try to do our best to solve any question you might have. In any case don’t be sick of anything like that!. :slight_smile:
Proprietary software doesn’t mean that it has to be hated or rejected to use. In our development we don’t care if our benchmarking is a proprietary software or not. We only admire and try to copy the quality features, and of course if possible improve the ones of our competitors that we don’t like or think it could be better. If proprietary software X does things well, why don’t do it as well or even better?

Also, don’t forget that we are volunteers and that Synfig is not completely mature. It has many uncompleted areas and many things to improve. Anyway, it is perfectly usable the way it is now and has been used to produce great animations.

Good luck!

PS: better experience is obtained with a Linux operating system. :wink: