proposed new layout for the download page

I’ve created a new layout for the download page:

There are a few things that need fixing in it, but what do people think in general?

Yeah! I like it! but:

  1. Gentoo links for relelease seems to be broken or not responses.
  2. Fedora synfigstudio is missing.
  3. It can be confusing for newbies. In the same block of download (Release) it is offered sources, and binaries. For example Arch linux and Fink are source code menwhile windows and Ubuntu are binaries.


  1. Seems like I fixed those? The links should point to the Gentoo bugs asking for inclusion in Gentoo main.

  2. Yep, Fedora folks haven’t submitted any bug about inclusion of synfigstudio in Fedora, just etl/synfig. They also seem to have dropped the ball on etl/synfig too :confused:

  3. Actually Ubuntu/Debian are sources too, but link to binaries from the sources page. I think that by saying where it is available, users should know what to do. I considered writing apt-get install synfigstudio instead of the links, but I don’t know the commands for each distro and for some distros you have to first add unsupported/contrib/universe/sunrise/extras/etc to your list of package sources so it isn’t doable with one short command.