Proposals for future versions

Smaller Things

  • Better indication of recording mode. Let some animation going on, which shows that current changes will effect the animation (insert keys)
  • Feature to clone existing layers (will be directly linked, most likely all properties)
  • Feature to convert lines to fills and vice versa
  • Allow to append new points at the end or start of a bline, currently you can only “smart insert” points between existing ones
  • Make lines and fills one Object (option to display only fill or/and outline)

Bigger Things

  • Allow manual insertion of keys when not in recording mode
  • Give Controllpoints a thrid mode for linked tangents. Currently only split and linked is possible. Often i want handles in same direction, but with different length.
  • Make rendering faster (use OpenGL for 2D-Graphics)
  • Write a new user interface which is more compact and can display all dialogs in one window (handles to resize them, undock if wanted for 2 or more displays)

I will extend the list and explain my wishes in more detail in future. Feel free to ask any questions. :wink:

Ugh, sometimes a small change implies lot of code modification and cause of lot of headaches… :wink:

I agree on those

This could be possible but the fill and the outline should share all the common values (zdepth, amount, blend method, color, origin, invert, antialiasing, feather, type of feather and winding style) other wise we should have those values duplicated in the layer parameters plus the two checkboxes for fill/outline show. In several situations, outlines are used alone and when used at the same time than the fill (linked vertexes) the outline is not necessarily close to the fill but in another different encapsulation place. Put them in the same layer will break that feature so I’m not sure if this is the best feature.

The rest of the bigger features are old wanted ones, totally agreed.

Yes they should share it (think of it as one layer), and optionally be displayed as outline, fill or both. You would still be able to connect an outline (only outlinemode enabled) and fill (only fill enabled). Would also remove the problem to convert between those two types. This feature doesn’t even need to be animated.

It’s meant to replace outline and fill layer with one layer, that can do/be both things at once.

Currently i had some very lazy time and was thinking about, how the user interface could be improved to be less cluttered. What i found was not so far away from the current approach, but i built it as MDI. That way you can use space much more efficiently. Also i looked at my current project and the tools i really need and which not. So i left some of them out completly, or made them less accessible. (Does not Count for Dialogs, from that i didn’t added all.) The result of my first thoughts can be seen below in compassion to what i currently have.

(How it could look)

(How it looks)