Property settings (edit/properties)

I was recently watching Youtube videos online and came across one for project settings. Using the property settings seems daunting. When you change the image size info, the image area will change and when you change the image area, the image size will change. Here are some suggestions.

Here’s the video:

Could you make a button that makes the two settings work independent?

Could you call them something that makes better sense to animators? Render area instead of image size. Canvas area instead of image area? Image size sounds like the document canvas size to me.

If you are going to have synfig units for the image area, could you at least explain the conversion to pixels? How are we to know that?

I’m not sure why the property settings don’t resemble the setup dialog box more. Setup is straight forward and does the work for you. Thankfully. I set up my files to automatically be created for HD through the setup. If I hadn’t done that, all of my projects would have the wrong sized canvas but the correct render area.

Thanks in advance for looking into this. I really appreciate it. If you’re interested, I blogged ( about the experience.

Thanks in advance! Always a big fan!

Well, this explains the reason why I always had to scale imported images.

This seems like this can cause significant confusion for animators, especially new ones to synfig. I have a feeling that people might not like synfig when they find out that they need to use a calculator just to set the canvas size.

You’re right in everything. Too much complication for something that should be easier.