Progress bar?

Hi! I’m a new user to synfig and was surprised that there is no way to see how long it takes for each frame to render. Maybe this isn’t a problem when rendering to png and you can see the png files filling up the folder, but when rendering to a movie format (or when rendering complex animations) I think having a progress bar would be pretty useful. :mrgreen:

Then again, maybe I’m just too used to blender.

Hi cyaoeu,
Progress bar functionality is broken. :frowning:

Hi cyaoeu,

would you mind file a bug on our issue tracker, so that we can easily followup.

thanks in advance.


Ah, okay. I can live without it though, just wondered why there wasn’t one. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how the progress bar in synfig is supposed to work so I don’t know how to explain the problem. If that doesn’t matter I can try. It’s right?

This was already reported as a bug. … /issues/19
I guess I should’ve checked there first! :mrgreen: