Procedure for new coders (SVN use)

I know C++ programming but I’m not used to work with the standard tools (gdb, subversion, git, etc.) to add new features to synfig or to solve a bug.

I would learn from the experts what’s the best way to frequently contribute to synfig code without need to ask others to apply a patch.

I would want to know:

  1. What’s the best way to have a developing version of synfig and a working one in separated folders. What’s the config orders to give to maintain both separated folders properly updated.
  2. If I add a new file (new feature) I cannot obtain it form the svn -diff command. how can I apply them to the code?
  3. Once obtained the diff file, how can I apply it in SF?

I have more questions but those are my first needs to make a serious job.


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Thanks super animator but the most important question is the last one:


Get a yahoo account so that you can ask questions by using That’s how I got my answers.

To commit to sourceforge, just do this:

svn commit


  1. To insert new files to the commit the command is:
svn add file.cpp file.h
  1. To do a commit just type the following code in the proper folder
svn commit

It would prompt to a editor to describe the commit. Also the editor would show you some lines that describe the modified files. When saved, the patch file is created and it ask for a password to commit. Then the patch is sent.
3) To create a separate build the wiki says:

When I do that everything go fine except that installing synfig-core it gives this message:

What to do?

Try make distclean and then rebuild.

Many thanks! it works now.
You’re so helpful pabs!

I added SVN use in the title of the message because that’s what the thread is about at the moment. I hope it’s ok - feel free to change it to something more appropriate :slight_smile:

svn commit -m “my commit message” was what I used, the few time I ‘played’ with subversion. But well, it seems there’s a fairly good help with svn help :slight_smile: