Problems with editing the wiki


I recently did some changes to a few wiki pages…

When I did one revision and another on top, that works fine in the edit/preview,
but when I click on “view the most recent revision” on “page” there is a mix of the approved version and the 2nd changes with the first changes removed,
when I click on “edit” again there and in the preview both changes are still there.

see here:
1st change: removed the “Warning …” at “adding or removing width points”
2nd change: changed the order of the descriptions in specific parameters

Hope someone can help here (I guess it has to be Konstantin…)

Have a good start into 2013! (This is my last post in 2012.)

Everything looks fine for me here - all edits in place.

Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

hmmmm… strange, still the same mixed up situation on my side…
well anyhow… have to leave for the party… :slight_smile: … 8%3A00.png … 8%3A20.png

As you can see on the screenshots - everything is fine. I would advice to clean browser cache or try different browser.

Happy new year!

And: you are right, I cleared the cache (by hand)… away it went…
I always thought I get a clear new html page when I press “refresh” in Firefox, seems to just do part of the job…

Sorry & thank you

I still have problems from time to time, with changes done by me, but also by others, even after deleting the cache.
I’ll try w/ chromium next…


Hmmm… I have some problems too. For example, here’s how the latest (unapproved) revision displayed for me in Doc:Getting_Started:

(but in preview mode everything is fine)…
I have to try upgrading mediawiki - might help…

Good luck!

Fixed now.


same problem is back… at “Doc:Basic Masking”.
Sorry Z. …

Hi, Oho! Screenshot please.

There is definitely some caching happen which causes the problem… but I can’t figure out where to look. :slight_smile: