Problems with characters

Hello, I’m argentinian and I’m new in Synfig.
I have a PC with Windows 7 64 bits, and I installed the latest version of the program.

When I use the Text Tool, I have problems when I put some characters like ‘¿’ ‘ñ’ or any leer with accent like ‘á’…

How can I solve this problem? Thanks!

Try to use Cairo renderer. It does handle properly utf-8 strings.
Go to Settings and to the render tab and enable Cairo render.

Thanks :smiley:

Sorry, I only see the correct characters in the work area. When I render the animation, I see the wrong characters.

In the options I checked two checkbox (“Use Cairo in the render of the browser” and “Use Cairo in the render of the work area”). How can I do to correct this?


Edit: I render the animation in the gif format.

Cairo only renders to png sequence.
Use ImageMagick to compose a png sequence into a gif:
Or Gimp: … -with-GIMP
Or just search “create gif animation online”

Ok, thanks.