Problems from beginner - painting shapes

I have a little project I’m working on and need a little help to get it rolling.

I’ve made some images in synfig, just simple outlines for character heads, but I would like to fill in those images with hairlines, ear spirals, cheek bone lines, etc. To make the base of a face. However, I cannot find any tutorial on how to paint INSIDE the shape I have created!

All searching brings is adding flat paint or gradients to entire shapes, with no actual detail within them. I would also like to add manipulable lines to the inside of the object.

I have tried repeatedly to import a crude test image from Inkspace to Synfig, but to only be greeted with errors and flaws.

Just add be layers over the basic shape to add details.

I have no idea what that means, nor do I know if the advice helps. Maybe a picture will help explain the situation better.

Notice the belt that Kim possible is wearing. Buttons and flaps are visible. Be it the orange highlights in the hair or pockets on the trousers, the picture is more detailed than the solids and graduations that I am seeing tutorials for.
Is it even possible to paint in Synfig (as one would do in GIMP or instance), or would I have no other option but to use a separate program and import? (which I tried with Inkscape and could never get to work.)

If it is impossible, can anyone link me to a fool-proof guide for importing images from Inkscape.

You can increase the complexity of your draws all that you want in Synfig (easy or not is other situation :slight_smile:).

Of course, the way to do that is not the same like in GIMP… but you haven’t got a only way.

Genete say you can add all layers that you want. So, add region layers to simulate clothes, shadows…; only splines to simulate other details… etc.

You can import bitmap images, too. You can do a lot of interesting effects importing a bitmap and playing with the composition effects of the layers.

For example, I did this character with a “medium” level of details only with vectors and Synfig:

Ok, long time not draw in Synfig Studio, I made a sample for you and the vectorization took my 1 hour.

There are some artworks you may like to have a look, for an example, the Pirates of Voria

kim - (149 KB)

Jcome beat me to it but here is my two minutes of Kim. :smiley:
Did you study the wiki manual?
Kim is mainly colored outlines and colored shapes (regions) made with the spline tool.

kim.sifz (8.94 KB)

Wow guys, nice tracing training!

My childhood… what has become of it now?

You’re a gentleman and a scholar for the help you’ve given me. All the while I had though that the highlights of the hair, the black lines within the belt, all the lines that would be drawn by hand with a pen if it were not digital, were the result of painting. But now I know they are the result of colored Splines! Now that is an eye opener!

I had read through some of the exercises of the wiki manual, but some of it still eludes me. And now, to find out how to make and break colored splines.

Two minutes! you’re one of the talents in Synfig community and I would be better to no post the time I spent :mrgreen: