Problem with whitespace when importing from .svg

Hello all. My first post here. so take it easy… 8)
I’m having a problem when I try to import an image that I created in Inkscape, into Synfig, that the background color (i.e white) will show around the image, making the imported image ugly. Funny thing is, in Inkscape, the image doesn’t show any whitespace around it at all…its only when I import the image (which has the default, I believe .svg format, if I recall correctly) into Synfig, so it seems to be a Synfig related problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi AliensOnTheWay,
I think that the SVG imported image is imported in two steps. First converted to raster format and then imported to Synfig. It is possible that the raster conversion apply a non transparent background.
It is probably a bug. Meanwhile export the image to raster directly from Inkscape and the import from raster to Synfig. PNG is a good format.
There is a development branch to import SVG files in vector format directly but it is not ready for production at the moment.
Alternatively you can use a SVG2SIF converter here:
Last, if you can, please report this bug to the bug tracker at SF. If the bug already exists. Please add a comment or confirm it in your Synfig version.

Thanks for the reply.
Exporting to .png, and then importing that into Synfig worked. I’m no longer getting the white space.
As for the bug tracker you mentioned, mind giving the link to it? :wink:

Here is the link for the bug tracker: … tid=757416

Please don’t use anonymous user to report the issue. We prefer a possibility to contact the user who has the problem if we cannot reproduce the bug.
Thanks for reporting.


Any chance of getting a copy of the nightly build to help testing? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the nighty builds still working. Where did you read it?
Since we are in git we don’t have a nighty build I think. We can rewrite the scripts to do it from the git repo instead of the svn repo. SVN repo is out of date now and discontinued.