Problem with VIrtual Dub,Paolo Q can you help plz?

Hello, I am trying to edit my video using Virtual Dub but I have a serious problem, I can’t use different frame rates…I would like some sequences to be slower and other parts faster…I tried save segmented AVI after I selected a set of frames but each time i attempted this, it crashed.

Any other alternative?
I am at my wits 'end…I would like my work to see light … :cry:

Can anyone help?



Mmm… if I were you I would not use VirtualDub to change the video speed. I suggest to regulate the speed with Synfig: you can do that using the keyframes; do not change the framerate, which is supposed to be constant in the whole project.
So, if you want to speed up your animation, just move closer your keyframes. VirtualDub should be configured with the same framerate you used for rendering.