Problem with Text layer

Hi, guys. I have a problem using the text layer.
Cursive and Bold does not work. As for the source, Sans Seriff, Arial and Times New Roman work, but others as Brush Script MT Italic not.
Genete, I remember you that there were some files that I could not install in my Mac intel. Can it be the reason? How can I repair that?
Imagen 5.png

Italic and bold do not work (Synfig is not smart enough to do that itself). We should probably disable those options to avoid confusion. You should be able to select truetype fonts by navigating to the font file though, so if you have an ArialBold.ttf (for example) you should be able to use that.


The current best way to use a different font with your animation is to place a copy of the ttf file in the same place of the sifz file folder and insert the exact filename in the Font Family string parameter. Alternatively you can write the full or relative path (including the filename itself) to the font in that Font Family string parameter and it should work.
That parameter acts kinda strangely because it works with some standard font names and also with the filename too including location of the filename.

A known bug yes.