Problem with SourceForge

I’ve tried now to report a bug twice in SourceForge.

After typing in a but report I get a blank screen that says:

XSRF Attempt Detected!

And my bug report is lost. I wonder how many bug reports we lose this way.
Possibly SF is having troubles with its site.

I don’t think that we have lost many bug trackers. Recently there have been three spams and might be that many more spam were in other projects so that’s the reason for the SF’s site defence.


So there have been fake bug reports getting through and real ones lost :frowning:

This has happened to me several times now and each time I lost a bug report I spent some time working on. I’ll try again later but there comes a point where I won’t bother even trying to use the bug tracker any more.


a) shouldn’t give false positives
b) shouldn’t bin your data when this happens

EDIT: I’m happy now - it let me file a bug! :laughing:

We are in the process to migrate anywhere from SF bug tracker but that won’t occur until Morevna’s release at last.

No problem - sorry for being grumpy but SourceForge going wrong always seems to happen at a bad time! :laughing: