Problem with my Project ! (Repeat Animation)

HI !

I have a little problem with my Animation.
My Animation incluedes 2 Parts. The first part is a backround Animation and a second primary animation.

SO I have done a 10sec. long backround Animation, now i want to repeat the same backround Animation from second 10-20 and 20-30 and so on.
I need this because the second animation is comming for example from the second 5-15 ord 7-17.

My question is, how can I repeat the backround animation so that this animation takes about 2minutes. I want to do this in synfig Studios, because I make the second animation also in Synfig Studios

Please help me and sorry about my bad english ^^Fallen.sifz (8.08 KB)

Hi darkhoernchen,
To be able to repeat a cycle over a simple animation you can use the Time Loop layer. Set its parameters accordingly and you have a loop. Take a look to the file I’ve made for you and try to understand the parameters of the loop layer.
Remember that the Loop layer would loop in the time every layer that is below it. So if you want that the repeating cycle only affects to a set of layers then encapsulate them all in a Paste Canvas layer.
Fallen-loop.sifz (6.4 KB)

Thank you !

It works perfectly and I have understand it !