Problem with grouping a layer that is already part of a group into another group

Maybe I’m trying to do the impossible, but I have a character that I created that has arms and hands that are in separate groups. So, I want to put a a whisky bottle in my characters hand, and have him move the bottle up and down in a drinking motion. So, I thought I could make a separate group containing the arm and hand, which is one layer, with the whiskey bottle layer. I tried removing the whiskey bottle layer (file) from the whisky bottle folder and combining it with the arm layer, which I removed from its folder. But when I do that I get an error code that reads like this: Group Layers "filename"getcanvas0f=subcanvas. If I try to put the bottle layer in the arm folder, I get a different error message. If I try to put the bottle folder into the arm folder, the bottle disappears, even though the checkbox has been ticked and the layer is active, and the arm layer is active, and the layer names are in dark black print. The arm doesn’t disappear though. I tried raising the bottle layer, but it makes no difference. I checked the layer amount for the bottle, and it is set at 1, so it should be visible. It’s a complicated problem, but I’ve never had problems before combining layers into groups. It’s just when I try to take a layer that is part of a group and combining it into a new group that the problems start. Any suggestions would help.
Thanks, Cliff

Hello Cliff,
It causes problems when you edit a file you imported into your project, so it’s better to keep everything in its folder.
I would recommend creating a group that contains both other groups instead. Or link them using the skeleton layer.
Of course, I can only make educated guesses based on your description. It’s impossible to know for sure without seeing your group structure and project setup.

I attached a little sample animation of what I think you tried to achieve:

Drinking.sifz (3,0 KB)

The layer structure I used looks like this:

-Rest of model
-(Complete Arm, Hand and Bottle):
—Upper Arm
—(Lower Arm, Hand and Bottle):
------Lower Arm
------(Hand and Bottle):

Maybe this helps you in solving your problem.
Best regards.

That sounds like a good idea. Thanks for your help.