Problem with autolink skeletons

Hi there,

I am trying to use the skeleton layer with the autolink option setting the effect are with the width bone handles. So as a proof of concept I have 3 rectangles and a skeleton, I select all the points of the 3 rectangles and link them to the skeleton, but the result is not the desired: the skeleton is not moving all the points in the same way (in this example the inner region gets stretched but the outline doesn’t, in other tests with splines, they got totally warped). I add a caption for clarification:


Be sure your skeleton size (width points) must be grater than region size otherwise it not work properly.

and check whether selected all points of region before link to skeleton

Hi Bala, thanks for the answer.

I select all points with the cntrl+A method, so I can’t be missing any, and the width points of the skeleton are indeed wider than the region I want to control but it still doesn’t work.

Curiously enough, if I work with splines instead of rectangles, the outline and the regions (at least in these concrete example) are moving together, but some of the layers are being stretched, not just rotated:

@DSan I didn’t see you have used rectangle layer.

As far as i known We cant use skeleton auto link with rectangle and circle layers.

You could use rectangle region instead of rectangle layer
group that rectangle layer and outline together. and link that grouped layer’s offset with bone using bone link.

It would be weird for it not to work with rectangles and circles, right? Maybe something to check for the next release?
Anyway, I tried with rectangular regions as well, and grouping the layers too to no effect: it still deformates the regions

What works is grouping the layers and linking each group offset to each bone:

But this misses the point of autolinking, right? Actually it isn’t autolinking. I was really interested in that option

Thank you very much!