Problem showing and hiding layers [solved]

Hi, and thank you for helping me.
To make layers appear and disappear, I know that I can play with the ‘amount’ and ‘alpha’ parameters, but I was not satisfied when I tried to make a layer appear gradually, then stay on the screen for some time, then disappear gradually.
Let’s say that :* I want to start showing a layer at 1s (at this time, amount = 0 or alpha = 0)

  • at 2s, the layer is fully shown (amount = 1 or alpha = 100)
  • at 6s, the layer starts vanishing (amount is still 1 / alpha is still 100)
  • at 7s, the layer has totally disappeared (amount = 0 or alpha = 0)

If I do so by creating keyframes and setting alpha or amount parameters to the proper values, the result is disappointing :* the layer starts appearing at 1s (that’s OK)

  • at 2s, it is fully shown (that’s OK too)
  • but between 2s and 6s, the amount or alpha parameters go beyond the desired value (amount over 1 or alpha over 100), so that the layer seems very dark
  • it then vanishes correctly between 6s and 7s

I guess this is a side effect of tweening.
How can I make a layer appear and then stay “at 100 %” (displayed normally, with amount at 1 and alpha at 100) for a moment ?

This is because of TCB interpolation, as I understand it, it takes into accont the waypoints that come before it and after it.
So… in the timetrack window, right click on the waypoints where amout is at 1, and change them to “ease in” or “linear”.
Or you can right click on the waypoint and choose edit, and fiddle with the TCB parameters (but I don’t know what they actually do - you’re on your own there)

Thank you very much, saorsa, you solved my problem. I didn’t know that waypoints could be of different types :blush: